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My central goal and the goal of Brookside Glassworks studio is real creativity and originality in glass art. I believe the artistic potential of the medium remains underexplored. In pursuing our goals we work with rigorous craftsmanship, attend to the communicative content and architectural setting of a work, and stay in touch with our clients. We draw on our abilities, our past and our dreams, and hope not only to do the job well, but to share the pleasure and joy of the creative endeavor.

The studio offers the highest level of excellence and experience in the conservation and restoration of the historic stained glass treasures found in our churches and synogogues.

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Abbot Suger, in 1144, on entering the first Gothic church built to his specifications, characterized the colored glass in his new church as possessing the ability to transform "that which is material to that which is immaterial" Painton Cowen

"Thought is crude, material unimaginably subtle." Aldous Huxley

"Glass is the transformative ingredient; made of stone, clear and liquid as water, yet light illuminates a memory of the fire that formed it. Stained glass imitates primal forms, like a cross section of cells seen under a microscope, or leaves and sky seen through a forest canopy veined by trunks an and branches. It gives us a way to paint with light." Joseph Tracy

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