Below is an xcerpt from the e-mail by which a problem with the Mary window was resolved
I just spent some time looking at the gap above the inscription plate.(photo below) Oddly, it didn't run through the entire vertical flow, but was isolated to the inscription plate rectangle. Also odd, the border around the inscription plate is a different color than any other border and it only goes around the bottom and sides of the inscription area. So it looks to me like there should be a continuation of this pink border glass across the top so it goes all the way around the inscription rectangle. The width used along the bottom fits perfectly in the gap and I have a good match of the pink ripple glass. So I thought I'd ask your approval for this plan.
I have prepared some jpeg images as attachments (below) to show how this change would look. Along with inserting the pink border in this proposed change, I have shown the lower reinforcing bar moved to the inside and straightened out the sagging brown fillet line along the bottom of the image of Mary.
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