Artist/ Business Owner, Brookside Glassworks stained glass studio, 1980-Present. Responsible for the design, fabrication, installation and promotion of architectural and autonomous art glass. Represented by galleries in Carmel,CA, Northampton MA, and Bennington VT.
Art Glass Specialist, The Glass Studio of San Carlos, San Carlos CA, 1984-86. Sole responsibility for design, fabrication supervision, and cost estimation on all art glass projects. Apprenticed as standard(non-art) glazier. Taught stained-glass class.
Art Glass Sub-Contractor, Hogan Glass Studios, Crescent City, CA on leaded and dalles de vere, Fabricator, Jestes Art Glass, Sausalito CA, late 80's
Fabricator, Arthur Stern Studio, Oakland Ca.
Fabricator, Robert LeMon Studio, Arcata, CA. A subcontractor of Savoy Studio, in Portland OR.
Art Glass Conservator, Cummings Studio, North Adams MA., a leader in the field of accurate restoration of historic stained glass, specializing in the works of the great glass artists of the 19th century such as John LaFarge and Louis C. Tiffany. I have worked there as a restoration glazier since January of 1998, working closely with leading glass historian and conservator, Julie Sloane, and with Bill Cummings, 2nd generation owner of Cummings studio.
Art Glass Conservator, Stained Glass Resources, Hampden MA, A leader in restoration owned by Fred and Sue Shea.
Teacher of glass arts, Putney School of the Arts Summer Program, Putney VT, Have taught a yearly 6 week intensive course on glass arts since 2003.


PERSONAL COMMUNICATION: I enjoy and am comfortable with a wide range of people, especially academic and religiously oriented people, and have a good understanding of art history, biblical iconography and architecture. I have very good instincts about what will be effective artistically and serve the interests of the client. I try to be honest, clear, timely, and precise in all written and spoken exchange
DESIGN: Portfolios provide best picture. Have designed hundreds of windows displaying an expansive aesthetic vocabulary, which draws from a full, discriminating understanding of the visual arts, and glass-art history.Skilled with digital design tools.
ART/CRAFT/FABRICATION: Lead, brass, copper-foil, zinc fabrication. Comfortable with plated work, and very intricate work. Knowledgeable in documentation issues and techniques (Photos, rubbings, storage and retrieval tracking). Experience painting, using tracers, blenders, vitreous paints, enamels, silk screening, silver staining. Good knowledge of glass manufacturers. Growing knowledge of installation/glazing methods( stone groove/rabbet, T-bar, aluminum, wood sashes). Experience with Dalles, UV adhesives, glass epoxies, casting, fusing. Fused glass bowls sold through galleries. Sculptural work in several mediums.


Memorial window for Bakersfield College. 1991
Stained Glass window for Oakland Children's Hospital 1992
Computer Art Published in Adobe Photoshop Handbook, Random House, 1993.
Original window for St. Matthias Episcopal, San Ramon CA 1989
Numerous Gallery showings includingOne Man Show in Los Bagels Gallery, Arcata CA 1997
One Person Show Humboldt State College 1998 One Person Show, Wild Oats , Williamstown MA 2006 Poster art for Warm Glass at Bullseye , Portland Oregon

B.A. in Art, Teaching Credential, English Minor: Humboldt State University, Arcata CA , 1991.GPA 3.87

OTHER EXPERIENCE H.S. Instructor, Art, English. 93-95 Other employment includes forestry contractor/crew supervisor, remodeler, vegetable grower, and various jobs from vineyard worker to chain-saw sculptor