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Every Summer since 2002 I have had the great pleasure of teaching glass art in a pair of 3-week-sessions to the Jr High and High School students who attend the Putney Summer Arts Camp in Putney Vt . We make copper foil windows using lead-free solder, learn to paint glass using lead-free paint and we fuse jewelry and bowls. Occasionally a student will try kiln-casting a piece of glass.

I really love the beautiful campus, the international cultures, the saturation of literary, dramatic, visual and musical disciplines, the work with the students and the rich friendship of the faculty artists. As you will see in the following pages The creativity and beauty that students bring to the glass program is diverse, bold and inspiring. I love the students and they continue to surprise and delight me with what they make and with who they are.

I have tried to include as much of their work as possible, along with their names, though some names have been lost unfortunately and several photos also. ( If you see something of yours please let me know and I'll put your name there)